Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme 2014

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The Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme (henceforth “handbook”) is mainly for Diploma Programme coordinators (henceforth “coordinators”). However, it is essential that subject teachers, extended essay supervisors and examination invigilators receive a copy of sections that are relevant to their role in the Diploma Programme. Teachers can access relevant sections of this handbook on the online curriculum centre (OCC). In order to teach each subject, administer the programme requirements for creativity, action, service (CAS) and theory of knowledge, and know how to supervise candidates for their extended essay, additional publications will be required. IB publications can be purchased through the online IB store found on the IB public website.

Because all invigilators of IB examinations must be fully acquainted with the arrangements for conducting the written examinations, a separate document (The conduct of IB Diploma Programme examinations: May 2014 and November 2014) on this topic is available in portable document format (pdf). This document, as well as the examination schedules for May 2014 and November 2014, are available under the Essential reading tab and from links in section A10.5.2.

Part A of this handbook concerns the general administration of the Diploma Programme, while part B is group/subject specific. The relevant sections in part B must be available to subject teachers or heads of department, as appropriate.

Throughout the handbook latest arrival dates are shown in bold. The first date applies to the May examination session, and the second date applies to the November session. When a time and date are stated, the time refers to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on that day. For example, all marks for internal assessment and predicted grades must be entered on IBIS before midnight GMT on 10 April/10 October.

The forms referred to in this edition of the handbook are those that must be used for examination sessions in 2014, unless otherwise stated. Forms from a previous edition may not be suitable and using them may place candidates at a disadvantage or even jeopardize the issue of their grades. For more information about forms, click on the Forms and cover sheets tab.

Because of the complex development work involved in enabling the upload of candidates’ work, rather than submitting hardcopy directly to examiners, it is not possible at the time of writing the handbook to be certain that all electronic procedures will be in place for the following year. Consequently, the handbook will be updated at least twice after its publication.

Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme 2014: Overview

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